April 15, 2021

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Being Budget Ready for a Big Family

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Preparing a budget is something that all adults should be good at. It is also something that should probably be given greater weight in the schooling system. Understanding budgets, incomings and outgoings, and personal debt, takes on an even greater level of importance should you be responsible for managing the finances of a large family. There is a lot of love, stress, laughter, and challenges with a large family and it is important to get a grip on finances as early as possible in order to ensure that everyone is fully satisfied and cared for in the family dynamic.

One of the easiest ways to being budget ready is to look at your groceries. With so many mouths to feed it is important to be as frugal as possible, as well as look at ingredients that go a long way. That way you are more likely to stick to the strict budget you have put together. Shop for discounts online and utilise different stores that have promotional offers and discounts for certain products at different times. Always, always, stick to your shopping list. One of the worst things you can do when shopping on a budget is to get distracted and start putting superfluous products in your basket or little treats. There are times for treats of course, but these can be worked into budgets from time to time. If you start going off list where does it end?

Look at specific meal plans that feed large numbers and choose ingredients that help you achieve this. Batch cooking is a great idea, where you take an afternoon or evening on a weekend to cook up large pots of food that can be frozen and warmed up easily at a later date. From soups to Bolognese and noodle dishes this is a fantastic way to accurately monetise what you are eating as a family, as well as sneak in extra veggies for the kids. Another thing to do is look for the misshapen fruit and vegetables – these are perfectly fine to eat but might be a little bit cheaper due to how they look. Always ask around for help at the supermarket and you’ll find good deals and great meal options to suit a large family.

If you have personal debt or have a tight month, or if there is an emergency situation you could seek the help of a payday loan company. If you have a large family to look after and your pay is a week or two away, a payday loan could provide you with that little bit of relief that goes a long way in a time of unexpected crisis. As long as you have budgeted correctly and fully understand the terms and how much you need to pay back and when a payday loan can be of great benefit to you and your family. If you are unsure as to whether you can afford to take out a short-term loan or financial product of any kind, do not apply for it.