April 15, 2021

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Dining and Shopping In Downtown Grand Rapids MI With Your Family

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Grand Rapids, MI is a family travel destination. People here enjoy four seasons of fun. If you are traveling to Grand Rapids with children, there are endless fun things to do and places to visit with them. Grand Rapid is the best food city in Michigan. That is why families that visit here will never run out of food options, even for their picky eaters. Read on to know what the city has to offer for families:

Downtown Grand Rapids

Studio Park is an entertainment hub at the heart of downtown Grand Rapids. It is packed with things to do and see. It is the perfect place to go if you are thinking about shopping in downtown Grand Rapids MI. Also, you should stop over and enjoy some meals, see live performances, watch movies, and shop at Studio Park. By having access to everything you will need to be happy, you will love to stay here for hours.

Additionally, the downtown area is home to the GR Children’s Museum that offers permanent exhibits. The museum features two floors of nonstop discovery for both children and adults. If you want to let your kids experience a more adventurous museum visit, take them to the GR Public Museum where a carousel ride with river view awaits them.

More Places to Explore

Locals go to Lake Michigan which is also called Unsalted Ocean. Natives are infatuated with this huge lake. You will understand why when you visit here. Crystal clear water, sandy beaches, and marvelous dunes are simply irresistible. Just a short drive from downtown Grand Rapids, you will find a lot of public beaches and towns, as well as lots of shopping centers and restaurants.

John Ball Zoo is a Grand Rapids mainstay situated on the west side of the city. This zoo is constructed on the ravines and bluffs to the west of John Ball Park.

Downtown Market

This cool food hall is mixed with a farmer’s market. This is where you can buy everything from bread, fresh seafood, wine, spices, and more. Also, you will find mini restaurants, places to eat lunch, and an ice cream spot people gush about. When visiting in fall during ArtPrize, you should see the outdoor section to find lots of crafts, apparel, and succulents from local vendors and artists.

The Downtown Market in Grand Rapids is just a 15-minute stroll from DeVos Place Convention Center. Being the country’s first LEED-certified market, you will feel great about the food and facility.