May 7, 2021

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Easy and Budget-Friendly Bedroom Makeover Ideas for Shared Spaces

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Growing kids tend to demand a bedroom makeover, but if they share the space with a sibling or two, deciding on a new bedroom look can be tricky. What one likes might clash with the other’s taste, and if putting them in two separates rooms won’t be an option, then the only choice you have is to get their aesthetics to meet halfway.

Good thing achieving that won’t take too much hard work — and money. Given that preteen kids are still developing, their tastes can still change over time, so a pricey dramatic bedroom makeover won’t be necessary. All they need is a quick, DIY-friendly bedroom revamp that they can easily make changes to by the time their aesthetics evolve again.

That said, here are some amazing design suggestions perfect for shared bedrooms:

  1. Install a Wallpaper

Depending on the style your kids would choose, wallpaper can be costly, but it’s a great investment because a high-quality wallpaper mural lasts long and usually has a timeless appeal. Your kids will still love them even if they grow up, especially if its design is simple yet gives a lot of impact, such as geometric patterns, textured detailing, and minimalist art.

Wallpapers are perfect for making an accent wall, which is typically behind the bed. But of course, you can also cover the entire bedroom walls with it if that’s what your kids would like, or even the ceiling to draw the eye up there.

  1. Change the Hardware

If your kids don’t have any major issues with their current bedroom look, consider just changing the hardware of their cabinetry. A new set of drawer pulls can instantly make their space look more mature, sophisticated, and trendy.

  1. Make Everything Equal

The key to making your kids equally comfortable in their shared space is to give them the same amount of everything. If there are two of them using the space, split the room in half (without actually making structural changes, of course) by having two twin beds, each with its own nightstand, or at least a storage furniture with an even number of drawers so all their stuff can be split equally.

  1. Add Extra Seating

If the space is big enough for at least two different seats, go for one plush chair and a bench. Place the plush chair in the corner to make that area serve as a little reading nook, and put the bench at the end of the bed for extra seating and something to throw their stuff on before they go to sleep. The additional seats will also be handy if they’ll have their friends over.

  1. Lay Down an Area Rug

Instead of replacing the bedroom’s entire flooring which can be costly, simply cover a portion of it with an area rug. Plenty of home improvement stores sell them for an affordable price, so take your kids to one of those stores so you wouldn’t have to worry about them picking an expensive style!

  1. Change Their Bedding

Sometimes, a dated bedroom just needs a new set of sheets. If your kids aren’t complaining about their overall bedroom design, anyway, just let them replace their kiddie bedding into more grown-up styles, like neutral or pastel colors. Since the bed is the room’s focal point, the new bedding will definitely make a lot of change to the space’s vibe.

With these quick changes done in your kids’ shared bedroom, they’ll enjoy their spaces more and feel proud of it. Let them take control of the makeover as well, prompting them to challenge their creativity by sticking to a budget.