April 15, 2021

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Effective Ways To Eradicate Hunger In Children Living Abroad

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Hunger is one of the major obstacles that prevent proper development and learning in children. It is one of the burning issues in the country. It poses a lot of challenges in the survival of children.

One of the effective means to curb the problem of hunger is to volunteer abroad in nutrition. Let us how it helps society to help children overcome under-nutrition abroad.

What does a nutrition volunteer do?

Nutrition volunteers play a significant role to assist communities through the distribution of food and nutrition education. These volunteers devote time to help deprived, starving and poor children while experiencing an educational and rewarding experience themselves.

No Kid Hungry is an organization that works towards feeding children in schools. Their family nutrition programs teach families to shop smarter and cook healthier.

Programs to volunteer abroad nutrition

A few programs have been made to volunteer nutrition to children abroad. With millions of children struggling throughout the globe with hunger, this is the opportunity to bring about a real difference to eliminate hunger abroad.

Support Feeding the “Homeless Project” in Vietnam

International Volunteering association provides a feeding project for people who do not have a living place in Vietnam. This association provides consistent meals to 300 hungry children daily in Ho Chi Minh City.

Volunteers will provide nutrition to citizens in Vietnam that belong to varying backgrounds, that includes disabled, elderly and children. These volunteers perform a variety of tasks that includes food preparation, serving, cleaning, cooking, and interacting and developing relations with locals.

Engage in “Nutrition Projects” in Peru

Projects Abroad conduct a nutrition program in Peru. This program targets reducing malnutrition among rural populations. All students can enroll in internships that combine education with healthcare to equip local groups with the right set of tools.

This helps them fight against hunger effectively. Interns will also visit people’s homes and lead educational workshops to cover the largest demographic.

Help with “Social Food Program of GoEco” in Israel

GoEco is another association developed to serve a noble cause. The relief initiative taken by this organization provides a distinctive opportunity to bring relief to hungry people in the largest city of Israel “Tel-Aviv”. Volunteers work at a food supply center to offer regular meals to a thousand hungry children.


A lot of children are deprived of nutrition in abroad. These are the top initiatives that help educate people about the importance of nutrition and end the problem of hunger.