May 7, 2021

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Enjoying A Dinner Show In Orlando With Your Family

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Not every weekend has to be about ‘Netflix & Chill’. If you are in Orlando, you will have no dearth of entertainment options. Besides a wide range of programs related to performing arts, you can also find special shows at nightclubs. Many nightclubs are known for Orlando dinner shows, which promises entertainment for people of all ages. In this post, we are sharing more on what to expect when attending night show here, especially at one of the popular clubs.

Experience of a dinner show

Dinner shows here in Orlando are themed acts, focusing on a wide range of themes. Some clubs have special shows that talk of yesteryear fun times, such as Tropicana in Havana. You will also come across a lot of entertainment acts from different parts of the world, depending on the club you have selected. For instance, some shows are dedicated to the famed Samba from Brazil, or Conga from Cuba. In case you are wondering, most shows are family and kid-friendly, some are, while some aren’t. We would recommend that you call the club and ask in advance. Most shows also double up costume dramas, so watching all those entertainers perform in incredible costumes is an experience in itself, and music lovers will find many beats and songs worth appreciating.

The food

Since dinner shows typically include dinner and the cost of the show, expect to pay a higher price than a traditional entertainment show. We would suggest first-timers to check what’s included in the dinner. Most clubs have a 3-course meal, which is usually standard and has fixed inclusions, so you may want to check if it is possible to order additionally. The best clubs in Orlando are known for their food too. Expect things like seafood, steak, Italian delicacies and incredible desserts on the menu. Check if they serve liquor or just cocktails and wine.

Book ahead

Most clubs have open bookings, and you can always book online, if they have a website. Just check all the details, including seating arrangements in advance. If you have kids below the age of 5, consider not bringing them to such shows, given that the whole act is expected to last for at least an hour, and kids are usually restless when young.

Book beforehand for assured reservations and have fun with your family. There is nothing like planning a surprise for everyone over a weekend.