April 15, 2021

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Helping Children In Foster Care: Support A Charitable Organization!

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The number of children in foster care is staggering, and each one of us have the moral responsibility to do something in our respective capacities. Let’s face it – we cannot always remain present, or not everyone can quit jobs to start something big. However, what you can definitely do is help a charitable organization near you. Non-profit and charitable organizations take the pressure and have been children in foster care in numerous ways. From funding educational and athletic activities, to supporting social activities, these organizations are doing a lot. In this post, we are sharing a few ways in which you can help a charitable organization.


All charitable organizations accept and ask for cash donations, and this is basically the simplest way to provide for children in need. Keep in mind that these organizations are cash strapped all the time, and as we mentioned earlier, the numbers are huge. In the state of Arizona alone, there are more than 13,000 children in foster care. Donate what you can, because no amount is small and every dollar makes a difference.


If you are a student, or someone who doesn’t have resources to give, you can always volunteer. Many charitable organizations have special events and programs, where you can participate and offer your help. Time is the biggest gift you can give to someone, and charitable organizations are in need of people, who can take up office work. You can choose to decide the number of hours you work, but this is a great way to being around.

Use other means

Many organizations have partnered with retailers, and you can link your store rewards to the selected organization. It is as simple as that. Some also have what’s called the ‘Community Rewards program’, and you can choose to enroll for that. In Arizona, if you are donating money to a Qualifying Foster Care Organization, you can actually reduce your Arizona state tax bill.

Every organization has its own way of working, so if you plan to sign up and work with one, make sure that you are aware of the ways they seek help. A few nonprofit enterprises may ask for material donations too, and that’s not a bad idea either. Being participative is key to helping those little children in foster care, and we promise that you will find more reasons to do something for various charitable organizations every year.