May 7, 2021

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How Important is Early Learning for your Child?

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The first seven years of a child’s life are known as the formative years, as humans are creatures of habit, therefore it is critical to set the right practices and routines in place at a very early age. One should never view an early learning program as being a safe place to leave your child while you are at work, indeed, it is much more than that.

The main objectives for any learning program should be as follows:

  • To Allow the Child to Develop Creativity and Imagination at Their Own Pace – This is best achieved by allowing free access to a range of learning resources and the child should be actively encouraged to engage in art, dance and movement.
  • To Develop Essential Social Skills – It is critical that a child knows how to behave in the presence of others and with the right early learning program, developing social skills is a primary goal. Take a local nursery in Bangkok as a good example, where they allow children of different ages to learn together, which allows for peer learning, which is a great way to pick up essential social skills.
  • To Develop a Lifelong Love of Learning – It is very important that your child enjoys learning, especially during the early years, as this will remain with them throughout their life. If, for example, a child does not like going to school, they will develop a dislike and that will soon turn into a hatred for any form of learning, so any early learning program should have fun-based activities for the kids to engage in. Forcing children to learn something that they are not interested in does more harm than good and as they grow older, this will become apparent and will seriously impede their progress when they enter into formal education.

Child Centered Learning

This has been proven to be the most effective learning environment for kids of all ages, especially from 2-5 years old, and with a nursery or kindergarten program that bases the curriculum on the children’s interests, you can be sure that they will enjoy learning. If a child is not interested in a particular topic, they are much less likely to learn anything, yet when they older, they are able to apply themselves to subjects they don’t particularly enjoy, as they understand the importance in later life.

Online Solutions

When you are looking for a suitable early learning program for your child, start with an online search, which will give you a complete list of all the programs within driving distance of your home. Then with some careful browsing of their websites, you can create a shortlist of nursery schools that warrant a visit.

School Visits

If you book a tour of the school, the principal will show you around, plus you can sit in on a few of the daily activities and that will allow you to observe how the kids interact with the teachers. Once you have visited all the schools on your shortlist, you will be in a much better position to make an informed decision as to which is the best for your child.