May 7, 2021

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Is Trampoline-Jumping Safe For Toddlers? Here’s What To Know

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Many parents think that trampolines are unsafe for kids under 5 years and warn other parents not to take their wards to the trampoline parks.

But, is it really so unsafe? 

Well, there are chances of injuries when an unattended kid is left to jump on a trampoline, but its way safer under proper supervision, even for toddlers. Why let them miss all the fun? Here’s what you should keep in mind while buying a baby trampoline for your toddler. If you follow the suggestions mentioned below, your kids will have their best time on a trampoline without getting injured.

Don’t let them jump too high

Most of the trampoline injuries take place by jumping too high and landing inappropriately. However, it’s nearly impossible for a toddler to jump high on a home rebounder, as they are designed for low to moderate jumping. If you want to buy a baby trampoline, designed for small children, it’s safe to get one with an enclosure that will prevent any kind of fall-offs.

One at a time jumping

It’s best not to let both of your kids jump on the small trampoline together, as they may collide with each other and lose their balance. You should encourage them for a one-at-a-time approach. Further, when one of them jumps, you should let the other one wait patiently and not try to pull him/her down forcibly, as it may also lead to injuries. If possible, buy two mini trampolines for both of your toddlers to have their share of fun without waiting.

Be present there

Even if your toddlers are jumping indoors, you should always keep an eye on them. Not only will they feel a sense of security in your presence but they also enjoy their jumping sessions more. You can also warn them if they move towards the edge of the trampoline while jumping.

Opt for nets instead of handlebars

For small kids, it’s best to buy trampolines with a net around it, instead of a handlebar, which may injure them if they fall on it accidentally. You can also get a trampoline with a foam-padded handlebar if you find one. You will get numerous options for baby trampolines, so get one that appeals to you the most as the safest option for your kid.

Wrapping it up

Toddlers love to bounce and jump. They keep on doing it on the bed, but it’s not safe, as the bed doesn’t have boundaries to keep them in. They may fall off while jumping on it. The trampoline is a safer option, as it’s designed to keep them at the center of the space. So just relax, breathe and buy a baby trampoline for your little one.