April 15, 2021

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Kids room. Ideas and solutions

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Probably the hardest room to decorate is kid room. It has to be four places in one. Here kids should be able to play, rest, learn stuff and have a fun time with friends. Of course, the perfect solution would be four different rooms, but not everyone can afford it, so cheaper way is to bring it all to one place.

What’s about room colour. A long-time there has been like a rule that girls must have pink room and boys – blue. But that was a long time ago. The colour of the room must be chosen by kids and their needs. It is important to remember that there should not be too many colours, because a lot of it gives toys. Too many colours could annoy kids and make them feel uncomfortable. Parents have to create harmony, but not chaos in a kids life.

Kids furniture. First of all, the furniture must be non-toxic and certificated by creators. Also, if it is possible to get rid of all unnecessary glass or at least change it to tempered glass. For smaller places is important to get multifunctional furniture like bunk bed.

For smaller budget people who want to bring some colours in their kid’s room the best way is to get customized windows blinds or wall murals. It can be easily changed, without any reconstruction jobs, when the kid gets bored. You can find a big database of choices in blindsonwindows.com. Smart website system let you upload your photo and became designers. It is a good place to find out what your kid wants.

So, if you have kids, you must know how hard it is to bring dreams to reality, but everything is possible. Parents should remember that room has to be created by kid’s needs but not parent’s.