April 15, 2021

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Tips to Choose A Right Family-friendly Fridge

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On meselectros.com, people residing in Quebec can browse through multiple models and brands of refrigerators. Everyone has something unique, making it hard to choose. The majority of customers buy a refrigerator based on size but there are many features to consider.

The fridge brand and size you choose needs to suit your family needs. Besides, you will need to consider energy efficiency, budget, and maintenance. It is an essential home appliance, so make sure to choose one that suits your family.

Fridge capacity

The fridge’s capacity to choose depends on your family size and needs. Too big means half the space remains empty and it is wastage of energy and money [utility bills]. Too small means, not sufficient space to store items and the appliance needs to overwork for maintaining the interior temperature [items get generally stuffed inside].

If you host parties often or enjoy large family get togethers, it is good to buy the LFNS22520S model offering a total of 21.8 feet square capacity. Alternatively, if you are single then opt for a small size. Even think about the kind of condiments or food you will need to store while determining the capacity. For a family with four members, a 500-liter capacity is sufficient.

Fridge types

  • French door with bottom freezer is popular and suitable for mid to large families.
  • Top mount fridge is great for those who are single or even a small family.
  • The bottom mount fridge has a storage section on top of the freezer.
  • Side-by-side models are preferred for kitchens with limited space.
  • Smart fridge with multiple great hi-tech features.

Energy efficiency

A fridge is responsible for 14% of total energy usage in a home. So, choose a model that is energy efficient and save electricity costs. The higher the energy rating the lower its operating cost.

Compare energy rating between the same fridge styles. Your calculation associated with energy efficiency can go wrong if you compare ratings with different styles.

For example, top freezer models are designed to consume 25% less energy. Therefore, a side-by-side unit with a 5-star rating is less efficient than a top freezer model with a 4-star rating.


You also need to consider the budget. However, on meselectros.com you get multiple options. If you opt for a unit with a high energy efficiency rating than prepare to pay a high price but soon you will cover it from electricity bill savings.

Other features like ant-bacterial coating, automatic temperature control, anti-stain finish, and child-proof also need to be considered in choosing a family fridge.