May 7, 2021

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What is a Portable Coffee Maker?

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It is a recent use device, light and small in size, easy to transport and store. In most cases, they only require coffee capsules, or a few ounces of the ground product for a preparation.

In other models it is necessary to add hot water, while certain designs do not require electricity or their own source of energy, since they operate with a small pressure pump to prepare the drink.

Technological innovation in the ways of preparing and serving have transformed the taste for coffee, by allowing the incorporation of new mixtures with different flavors and varieties, as well as modifying routines such as preparation time, cleaning and care of equipment.

There are different models in the small format of portable coffee machines, so deciding on one or the other depends on the needs of the buyer.

Aspects to Consider Before Buying a Portable Coffee Maker

There are different ways to get good coffee. Whether you want to prepare a dose, or if you want to take a particular mixture, these are all elements to consider when deciding on the new portable coffee maker.

It should be taken into account that it is an article of small dimensions, usually limited to the preparation of a long coffee or two short ones.

Although there are individual rechargeable or battery coffee makers, others work with a pressure system that does not need to be recharged or requires a connection to electricity.

Some products include the power adapter.

Not all are designed to serve a single function. In some cases, they get to fulfill more than four tasks such as preparing the milk cream, the chocolate or the infusion, the inevitable espresso, a cappuccino or an American.

Some models include complementary features such as insulation material to keep you warm. They also have accessories such as a thermal glass, spoon and interchangeable bag for preparation.

Other models include the 12V car connector, which makes it easy to use when traveling.

Recommendations for Buying a Good Portable Coffee Maker

In addition to the general conditions indicated, when deciding on an individual coffee maker, a series of characteristics must be taken into account regarding the most suitable equipment for each need.

Power source: Whether you are going to opt for a manual or an electric coffee maker, you must bear in mind the requirement of the power source, especially for regular use in the field or in the city.

Temperature: Aspects such as the basic technical requirements to function (hot water or room temperature), essential during the operation and maintenance of the equipment, must be considered.

Materials: These are basically the materials used during the manufacture of the product. Most of these travel coffee makers use stainless steel or plastic, although there are models that add insulating components to preserve heat.

Cleaning: Generally, individual coffee makers are very easy to clean and maintain, since their parts have the advantage of being removable. In some cases, the manufacturer includes a small brush and other accessories for regular care.

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