May 7, 2021

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Winters Can Be Harsh For Your Baby: Here’s How to Prep Yourself

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It is not unusual for parents to be concerned about the effect of the harsh winters on their new-born baby. If this is your baby’s first winter, it is best to remember that the little one may need extra protection but babies are in general quite resilient. It is a good idea to prepare before the cold months set in. The cold, harsh weather could affect your baby’s skin, health, and comfort and these are all things that can be protected with a bit of planning. Let’s look at a few things you can do to prep for the winter months

  • The most important step to prepare for the baby’s first winter months is getting warm clothes ready. Your baby will require different types of warm clothes to stay comfortable both indoors and outdoors. Your little one will need a wardrobe of cotton onesies that will be soft and cover the baby all over, buttoning over the diaper. These are soft and will not cause irritation. If you stay in a really cold place or plan to go outdoors a lot, the baby may need thermal vests and pants. You may also want to buy a few warm pants and flannel or cotton shirts with full-sleeves. Complete the baby’s wardrobe with warm socks and mittens, a soft cap that can be pulled over the ears, and a woolen sweater or coat.
  • The baby’s skin is a lot more delicate than an adult’s. This makes it more vulnerable to cold and cold-related problems including chapping, rough skin, irritation, or even problems such as eczema, cradle cap, and diaper rash. Regular use of the certified organic baby lotion, one of the best organic baby lotions in India will help keep off most of these problems. This product comes equipped with organic shea butter and organic aloe vera which protect and nourish your baby’s skin while keeping it nourished.
  • The winter months are particularly rough on babies who have low immunity as compared to adults. This makes them very prone to viral infections such as croup, influenza, measles, and stomach flu. The best way to prepare for these is by keeping the baby’s environment clean using disinfectant wipes, preferably organic wipes. Keep a close watch on the food and water and do not allow people showing symptoms such as cold, cough, and fever to handle the child. Consult your baby’s paediatrician and keep up with the vaccination schedule. Stock up on emergency medicines as recommended by the doctor.
  • Getting the baby’s nursery winter-ready is another important thing you will need to do before the cold sets in. Insulate the room from cold winds but do make way for ventilation. This may mean adding heavy curtains or replacing the windows. You may want to install a humidifier in the room to help the baby’s skin. Pick up a comfortable sleeping bag or a light but warm blanket for the baby’s crib. Use a firm mattress with a thin but tightly fitted sheet.
  • As a new parent, it is certainly tempting to stock up on a number of baby products. It is, however, wise to be picky during the winter months. This is a time you will not need a lot of soap or shampoo as these tend to dry the skin. It is best to pick up a certified organic head-to-toe wash and use this sparingly. The certified organic multi-purpose cream is the best organic baby face cream and can also double up as a diaper rash cream while also soother some minor cuts and irritations.